Icecat Content Disclaimer

This Reference Application contains product and catalog data provided by Icecat. Therefore please see the Icecat "AS IS" disclaimer. The demo content is made available under the Open Content License (OPL).

The following modifications of Icecat Contents were done as of October 2015:


  • Modified the catalog structure and reassigned products to provide an appropriate assortment


  • Cut product short descriptions to at most 80 chars to enable BMEcat compliance
  • Reformatted product long descriptions for better visualization
  • Created some product bundles, retail sets and variations based on available Icecat data
  • Modified product attributes to match predefined product detail attributes
  • Added product attributes to enable filtering by their values within categories
  • Adjusted prices of products to enable an appropriate assortment

Product Images

  • Created bundle and retail set images based on available product images
  • Modified product images to provide an appropriate display
  • Created Marketing and Promotion teasers based on available product images

The following contents are provided additionally to the Icecat demo content to demonstrate several Intershop functionalities

  • Gift Wraps and Gift Messages
  • Gift Cards and Certificates

Other Images

Marketing teasers and gift wrap images were created based on stock photos.

  • 66281396 - Countdown One © ktsdesign
  • 66281487 - Countdown Two © ktsdesign
  • 66281554 - Countdown Three © ktsdesign
  • 88329997 - notepad on a table © mariakraynova
  • 77667188 - Lionfish on the coral reef underwater © Irochka
  • 88592004 - Holi Festival Farben © andessa
  • 52156459 - Vector blue and gray plants seamless pattern background © Oksancia
  • 52178844 - Vector Mysterious green garden seamless pattern background with © Oksancia
  • 61871608 - vector pink abstract flowers texture seamless pattern background © Oksancia
  • 74924898 - Vector blue and gray plants vertical round frame pattern tags © Oksancia
  • 77003108 - Vector mysterious green garden vertical round frame pattern tags © Oksancia
  • 76024376 - Vector pink flowers lineart vertical round frame pattern tags © Oksancia
Mike Blabac
  • tws-wedwallpaper-gmyers © mblabac